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Institute of Environment & Management - Master of Business Administration (MBA), VC's Desk
  VC's Desk
After over a decade since its inception, the University has a come a long way in establishing a niche and respectable name in the field of technical education not only in the State of Uttar Pradesh but at the national level. It has been instrumental in originating and spreading the technical education in the State and adding technical education to a long list of proud and rich heritage of education in the State. Today, as a result of hard and sincere work of all concerned and associated with the system, the acronym UPTU is accepted as an established brand name with value.

The University’s major activities include affiliation of institutions, preparation of academic programmes and conducting the examination, and evaluation. The Boards of Studies for various fields have been reconstituted and the process of reviewing the curriculum has started to incorporate and include the emerging concepts and to suggest the necessary modifications in teaching and learning processes to make the delivery more effective.

Like other parts of the country, there is an acute shortage of quality faculty in technical education in the State. In order to address this issue, the University has intensified its efforts to conduct Masters and Doctoral (Ph.D.) programmes. The plan is to increase the enrollment and create more Post Graduate centers in the State. For the first time, there has been a news paper advertisement for admission to Ph D and Masters programmes at the national level ! In addition, there is plan to significantly increase the number of Faculty Development Programmes that are aimed, through short courses, to impart training in specialized areas. Such programmes will be run by involving the faculty of national level institutions of excellence and executives from corporate houses.

The University also plans to employ Information and Communication Technology (ICT) enabled solutions to enhance the quality of teaching and delivery. The necessary infrastructure have already been developed and it is expected that the initiatives can be launched from the coming semester.

Apart from the subject knowledge, it is strongly believed that, a well rounded and presentable multidimensional personality of the student is necessary for technical professional. The Institutions and students are very much encouraged to organize and participate in sports, cultural , technical and such similar events.

Undoubtedly, our technical graduates have to compete very fiercely with the graduates of IITs, NITs, IIITs and like, and have to prove a high level of employability. All the GBTU institutions are advised to organize a sustainable personality development programme over the entire duration of the study; and not just for few months around graduation. Further, the meaning of attendance in lecture and labs is not understood by some from the prospective of a professional education. It should be understood that in technical education, the attendance requirement is 100%. The case of not being able to attend a session or so should be brought to the attention of the Instructor or Head of Institution for remedial action.

The construction of the new University campus at Janakipuram Extension, Lucknow is in full swing. It is hoped that within a couple of years, the campus would have administrative block, examination unit, a world class technical library, research laboratories in cutting edge areas of engineering, and will be able to run PG programmes including research facilities.